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Warnings from the 70s

Pandemic Coronavirus entering a cell. False archival footage from the 1970s.

I grew up watching Survivors, a remarkably prescient series (1975) created by Terry Nation (who also did scripts for Dr Who). I still remember those opening scenes of airports and the London underground and they primed me to understand COVID-19. Apparently, the virus (in Survivors) was accidentally unleashed by a Chinese scientist... It seems that many leaders were not glued to their TVs in those distant times. Or perhaps they were just too young.

Seeing news footage of the UK (from Australia), I’m transported back to SURVIVORS and those other dystopian TV plays of the time (and there were many…).

I watched the news and saw London in full swing (in the middle of a supposed lockdown), and then saw pictures of Brisbane (in the middle of a proper lockdown) that looked like a scene from The Quiet Earth.

It seems we ARE living in a simulation and a science-fiction-themed one at that...