Cartesian coordinates animation uploaded

Cartesian Coordinates Animation. This brand new animation shows how Cartesian coordinates can describe a point along a line, in a plane, or in a space. This final still from the video shows a square sheet of paper with a grid pattern of fine blue lines, a central red point (origin), X, Y, and Z axes , and two points. The two points (shown as coloured spheres) have their corresponding positions marked along the axes. Shadows of the purple point (floating at front) are cast on each of the three perpendicular planes. This helps to explain how the three coordinates (x, y, z) can specify a point anywhere in three dimensional space. All sorts of useful mathematical operations can be done using these coordinates. This animation is designed to help those who are new to this subject to easily visualize and understand it.

There are several high resolution Cartesian coordinates stills from this model available.

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