Steampunk Eye: accommodation simulation ideal for optometrists

steampunk style artificial eye whose lens changes shape during focusing (accommodation)
Animation of s steampunk style artificial eye whose lens changes shape during accommodation
I have just created and uploaded a simulation of a collimated light beam passing through a model of a human eye. Although the eye and lamp are rendered in faux brass to give a nice steampunk look to the animation, the optical qualities closely match those of a real emmetropic human eye. The lens can be seen (subtly) changing shape and bringing the light beam to a closer focus. This is how a real eye actually focuses on near and distant objects. This short video clip would be ideal for display in an opticians shopfront. Clean and mechanical without all the messy biological bits....

As well as this animation, there are several high resolution steampunk ocular stills available:

eye focused at infinity
eye focused at close object
eye inverting image #1
eye inverting image #2

I also have the major refractive errors animated:

hypermetropia (long sight) animation
myopia (short sight) animation

and cataract, one of the major causes or preventable (or reversible) blindness.

To see everything to do with lenses:

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