New Microscopic Image Gallery

new microscopic image gallery
I have been adding microscopic views of various insects, food stuffs, and other objects to my new microscopic image gallery. Images include ants, house fly (compound eye), chilli flakes, rice, sugar, and coffee.  Prices are low and the licencing simple (royalty free). I suppose you could say microstock ;-).

Buckminsterfullerene molecules: different treatments

Different treatments of the same molecular model: Buckminsterfullerene in various garbs
I have just created and uploaded several new versions of my Buckminsterfullerene molecule (C60) or Buckyball. As an exercise, I tried to make them as different from one another as possible. Some look like architectural structures made of steel girders, some like plastic construction toys, and others like mutant frog spawn. This is partly to show that representations of molecules are far removed from reality. The fact that they can look so different, whilst still having the correct arrangement (a truncated icosahedron) and bond lengths, is quite sobering. Other versions (not shown here) use the van der Waals radius of carbon to build very pneumatic looking molecules. I think that the one one at top right (the frog spawny one) gives a nice sense of slippery ball ball bearings held tightly together by a bluish glue.