Magnitudes Photography New Site Launched

Magnitudes Photography
Gordon & Donna Peachey, who have created beautiful teaching posters for many years, have just started a new venture selling high grade prints of natural subjects at Magnitudes Photography.

Their passion is to explore the designs and textures of nature with microscopes, macro lenses and telescopes. In their collages, they weave patterns of nature together from the cellular level all the way to the night sky in designs both beautiful and inspirational. In their flower pictures, they have moved in very close to highlight each flower's special architecture. These collages and single images are presented as non-fading canvas giclĂ©e prints.

The roots of their images are found in their educational posters. Gordon & Donna Peachey started Biocam Communications Inc. 25 years ago to bring more life in to the teaching of biology. Their educational posters are used world-wide in biology classrooms and laboratories.

I have worked with Gordon & Donna for over ten years helping to create images for their posters. They have always had the highest standards in accuracy and quality (and have been a pleasure to work with). This is a great new venture and I wish them every success. I think that these serene and beautiful images would grace any home or office.

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