How much should illustrators / designers / photographers / charge per hour?

It's a vexed question. Charge too much and you don't get the work. Charge too little and you hate yourself  (whether you get the job or not). To help make things a little more rigorous, I created a calculator to compute hourly pay rates based on an estimated annual salary. You can put in the salary that you think is reasonable (say the local average wage), fill out the other bits and then see what pops out. Remember that this rate is for billable hours only (4 hours per day?). If you were pitching for a job, you might price for the whole thing but you should still have an hourly rate at the back of your mind. You can use this calculator for any type of work, really. Even though I wrote it, I was surprised at how much one must charge just to hope to make a basic wage.......

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