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Warnings from the 70s

Pandemic Coronavirus entering a cell. False archival footage from the 1970s.

I grew up watching Survivors, a remarkably prescient series (1975) created by Terry Nation (who also did scripts for Dr Who). I still remember those opening scenes of airports and the London underground and they primed me to understand COVID-19. Apparently, the virus (in Survivors) was accidentally unleashed by a Chinese scientist... It seems that many leaders were not glued to their TVs in those distant times. Or perhaps they were just too young.

Seeing news footage of the UK (from Australia), I’m transported back to SURVIVORS and those other dystopian TV plays of the time (and there were many…).

I watched the news and saw London in full swing (in the middle of a supposed lockdown), and then saw pictures of Brisbane (in the middle of a proper lockdown) that looked like a scene from The Quiet Earth.

It seems we ARE living in a simulation and a science-fiction-themed one at that...

Café Street & Other Stories

Café Street

JUST RELEASED for Christmas 2020!

A man decides he’s not in a simulation, a vegan planet goes wrong, a transition that never was, a mysterious street café, a plague party, a bad-news addict, and a grandfather’s paradoxical book. A wry look back on 2020 mixed with science fiction, time travel, alienation, and death. Take a seat in Café Street. But don’t ask for the bill. Released a few hours ago. Visit Café Street for half an hour (it's a short book) for the price of a coffee.


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Very good (and not just because some of my graphics appear...). A big thanks to Ed (nice office setup BTW).

Vegan Revelation: The Four Mad Cowboys of the Apocalypse. Subverting fairy-tale and biblical imagery, this illustration of four mad cowboys astride flying cows shows the follies of delusion (false belief, lunacy, head in the clouds), gluttony (eating a beef burger), false science, and avarice (greed with money spilling out). This drawing was done years ago to show the behaviour that caused the outbreak of BSE (Mad Cow Disease). It applies just as much today with meat-eating risking the health of the planet. Not to mention the suffering. Check what it says in Revelations…

Available as prints and merchandise!

 A vegan brain is a happy brain. Eating animals is wrong, and at some level, everyone knows that. This causes inner conflict (cognitive dissonance). Going vegan removes that conflict and makes you happier. At least, it did for me. Design available on prints, mugs, t-shirts etc.

Cicada Invasion

Cicadas in a eucalypt in Deakin, ACT. Their screeching filled the air on our walk with Ollie this evening. Never so loud, never so many...


Dancing COVID

Coronavirus particles pirouetting on a black background. The virion (virus particle of SARS-Cov-2) has characteristic faceting and a corona of spikes. The spikes (shown in reddish-orange) are trimers (three identical proteins wound together) that allow the virus to attach to a cell surface. Once it enters the cell, its RNA is released and directs the production of new virus particles. This novel coronavirus is the cause of pandemic COVID-19. Licence it here.

VIRUS DANCE: The Good, The Bad, & The Beautiful

Virus particles rotating on a black background. Rabies, Phages, Coronavirus, Adenovirus, and Influenza virus particles pirouette. Some, like rabies, flu, and coronavirus can be deadly, others, like bacteriophages and adenoviruses, can help us fight disease. But they all have a certain crystalline beauty. You can licence it here. Inspired by my VIRAL OCEAN design, this animation would make a great visual for exhibitions or the foyers of biotech companies. 

Candy Coloured Adenoviruses

ADENOVIRUS: Adenoviruses (AdV) are large naked viruses with characteristic fibres projecting from each vertex of their icosahedral capsids. Genome is double-stranded DNA. Adenoviruses tend to cause respiratory disease. Also used as vectors and for vaccines. This is a new version with more and brighter virions.

Coloured Adenoviruses 4K Animation

Adenoviruses (AdV) are large naked viruses with characteristic fibres projecting from each vertex of their icosahedral capsids. Genome is double-stranded DNA. Adenoviruses tend to cause respiratory disease. A chimpanzee-derived adenovirus is used as a vector in the new Oxford vaccine against the coronavirus, (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine)